One of BJP's biggest failings ever since they rode on the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement to become a national force to be contended with, is the lack of work on developing a strong ecosystem in opposition to the Lawyer-NGO-Politician-Media nexus so brilliantly cosseted by the Congress party & its distributaries throughout India. They are loathe to even have a TV channel to covertly and overtly push propaganda on the public. It is the least they can do. Two bit <0.5% vote share parties like DMDK, Congress chamcha Vasanth & Co, Thirumavalavan's VCK all have channels to thrust their views on the public and do politics. Why BJP refuses to do such a simple thing despite a substantial nation-wide presence is one conundrum that is beyond even the most brilliant minds of the planet.

BJP has a stranglehold on Gujarat since 1995. They are dominant from top to bottom winning election after election like Jahangir Khan dominating the squash world from 1981 to 1986. They are so dominant that they win playing with their left hands so to speak. They have now been in power for 22 years. They have done absolutely nothing in creating a micro-ecosystem in these 2 decades. Win election and rule has been their mantra. 
  • What laws have they passed that has reduced prohibitive governmental regulations on Education?
  • What laws have they passed that eases the pressure on Hindu temples to run hospitals, schools & colleges?
  • Where are the saffron journalists? 
  • Where are the saffron lawyers? 
  • Where are the saffron NGOs? 
Their aim seems to be in power rather than work on the civilizational aspects. This ecosystem will help BJP keep them honest during the lean times when they aren't in power. It boggles the mind that BJP fails to keep this anticipatory mindset and always wants to co-opt the existing mainstream media. A media that is conditioned to detest Hindutva both ideologically and financially. JNU began in the 60s and by the late 80s it churned out scores of automatons that justified Naxal & Jihadi terrorism, genocide & exile of Kashmiri Hindus, legitimized Kashmiri separatism etc. without a hint of irony or remorse. 

Whereas BJP couldn't sustain the economic reservation quota for even a few months before it was struck down by courts. All they had to do was to either delay the case in courts for years or put it under the 9th schedule. They couldn't act smart like the TN government which has continued the 69% reservation even though it is unconstitutional to have reservation greater than 50%. If BJP had dedicated even a fraction of its resources to build said support it could have gotten traction for economic reservation but it refuses to do so. Yet it expects to drive the narrative using the existing mechanism. 

It is a similar situation in other BJP states where they have been power for more than 3 terms: Madhya Pradesh. In a previous post, I mentioned political consolidation is important but it is also vital to supplement political power with a supporting base that can do/oppose propaganda when you do not hold power. Remember that Jahangir Khan won 555 games in a row and was undefeated for 5 years but even he lost once his powers waned. We want to, willing to even, give BJP the benefit of the doubt - that they are genuinely interested in the Hindu cause, and are not Team B of Congress, only less corrupt and with vikās. For all their flaws, BJP genuinely believes in a quasi-Hindu state and it behooves them to set up bulwarks that repel alien attacks in this civilizational battle. To quote śrī pracchannāstrin:
Civilization is a thin veneer. He who makes the folly of deeming it an end and not a means gets eaten by another's savagery.
P.S: Many thanks to śrī mnhszz whose tweets provided almost every word of this post.
P.P.S: Further inputs from śrī dasyavevkra & śrī zeneraalstuff.


  1. I have a feeling, BJP and its think tanks want to get to a post 'lawyer-politician-media-NGO' world. They are antithetical to activism of any kind whether left or saffron. Maybe they are right in keeping it simple - Win elections and form government , governance by government not governance by unelected ecosystems.


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