There's this guy: Reality Check. His blog has very detailed information on how the most secretive department works in India: Education. These days he tweets intuitive and fairly detailed threads on twitter. His analyses of the 93rd amendment, the religious conversion issue, sectarian spending schemes, sectarian scholarship schemes etc. etc are truly splendid. Yours truly knew the term "sectarian" only from the Old Firm Derby where the Glaswegian football clubs Celtic & Rangers would sign only Catholic & Protestant players respectively. I wholly comprehended the meaning of the term only after reading his posts.

The best part of his style is a stoic dispassion in analyzing issues. He takes a fully antagonistic position to the entrenched narrative that minorities need protection, reservation is good etc. He is not alone in this but he stands his ground after the standard defensive arguments are made which rids of all the emotional folk who get involved. He always scratches the surface to see what's beneath so to speak. I am a huge fan of his and religiously follow his twitter feed and blog. Recently, he elucidated a set of schemes/laws that will free the stifling regulation in the field of education, native practices, temples and the conundrum of quota as 'A Core Right Agenda for Modern India'.

The brilliance in it is that it is exceptionally simple and yet acutely profound. It covers every square inch of Hindu interests, protections, reform and growth.

  • It provides protection to native practices (Core 5) that seem "cruel" in the Judeo-Christian-Anglo-Saxon purview. 
  • Looking for solutions for caste fault-lines from within (Core 4) instead of anglicizing the issue. 
  • Calibrate the reservation quota (Core 3) to reach the "unreached".
  • Calibrate public goods (Core 2) that give extreme leeway to non-dhārmic religions (MSDP, education loans, etc)
  • Freedom to Hindu schools & institutions (Core 1) to run their establishments without stifling governmental regulations.

He gets quite evangelical with Core 1. Anyone can say anything but if Hindus had control of our schools it won't matter at all. There is a lot of truth to it. Most schools, even Hindu schools, absolutely forbid kids from bursting crackers during dīpāvaḻi. Kids are brainwashed with the usual trope of air pollution, noise pollution etc etc. Likewise during hōli. Most schools are at the mercy of various NGOs & Think Tanks that push agenda through teaching staff.

I was a true believer in Core 1 but I have started to rethink my position on this. Last week I was blessed to meet a few intelligent tweeps in real life. One of them made this argument: The West, be it Catholic or Protestant (even the Godless Commie Eastern Europe for that matter), has had full institutional control but Christianity is buckling and struggling to stay afloat amongst Caucasians. Even the Secular (Viz. nothing but the work of the Church outside its precincts) Public system is struggling to keep the degeneracy & anti-"sciencism" at bay.

A twitter account, @RealPeerReview, is a laugh riot. There are peer reviewed papers which ask questions like "Is there is a link between being a woman and having a vagina?" or "Why don't men breastfeed?". While it gives us a chuckle, a guffaw even, the reality is that these views are getting mainstream traction in the West. The powerful institutional control (Core 4) & education control (Core 1) are losing influence by the day.  The damage caused by this type of Anti-"Intersectional Hypermasculine Heteronormative Patriarchy" is significant. When the so-called detached rational west is unable to repel this onslaught how will a highly emotional religious society like ours keep them out if education is freed?

One of his vehement criticisms of Modi Sarkar is that they are doing absolutely nothing on Core. I fully agree with this but remember Vajpayee & Murli Manohar Joshi did do a lot for Core: syllabi changes, deemed universities, scholarships etc. Come 2004 it didn't translate into votes and were trounced by a near-dead Congress. There are conspiracy theories that the Gandhi family had contingency plans to leave India for good in case they didn't return to the throne! While ABV & co did a lot for creating a sort of "Core Ecosystem", they failed to consolidate politically.

There were handicapped by failed monsoons and general anti-incumbency but BJP failed to win UP in 2002, Rajasthan in 2003, Maharashtra in 2004. The only states they could win were Bihar (sort of juniors), MP & reinforced their hold over Gujarat. They were dealt a huge blow when their next gen leader Pramod Mahajan was assassinated by his own brother. They were in such shambles that Congress were able to increase their seats from 145 to a massive 206 just months after a complete screw up of the 26/11 attacks. Congress bowled BJP a juicy half-volley off of a no-ball and BJP managed to get run out!

A couple of months back we had the Jallikaṭṭu issue. Biodiversity Conservation Council of India (BiCCI) conducted a long press conference a few months before Jallikaṭṭu is usually held. The  press conference shook me to the core! An organization instantly gets dates in Supreme Court and intimidates judges using 80 lawyers, spending upwards of ₹2 crores per day. Its a Thillu Mullu climax played out in real life. By his own definition of Core, it is only Core 5 but the entrenched lobby was ready to fight tooth & nail to prevent it.

Education, again by his own definition, is at least 100X greater. With weak judges and endless funding (Church lobby) there is no way Modi Sarkar can fight this and come out unscathed. Even a victory is bound to be pyrrhic. The pliant media will ensure it is a fight against minorities and will raise a hullabaloo. The defeat in 2004 set us back by Lord knows how many years. Another defeat in 2019 will just crush Hindus. The (unlikely) recovery may even take 2 decades. So, it is more important to solidify and consolidate politically before stepping on land mines.

A second defeat in row for Congress will finish them or at least weaken them so much that they would not be able to resist Core like they can now. NDA now has nearly every "big state" in their control and by the look of things is set to retain Gujarat & MP. Chattisgarh and Rajasthan are a coin toss but certainly not out of reach. The only "big" state Congress rules currently is Karnataka where their rule has been abysmal to say the least. With the return of mass leader BSY & the power of NaMo, BJP can hope to displace Congress next spring.

The counter to this is "What if you lose 2019?" or "How long can you keep winning elections?", Congress will raise the stakes and destroy whatever is left of struggling schools but even if NDA moves on 93rd, MSDP, NCMEI, etc they will face stiff resistance from PILs & SC. Whatever progress they make will be negligible and will be effortlessly turned over if and when Congress returns in the next Lok Sabha. BJP cannot waste political capital on the something which is bound to give measly returns.

Now does this mean I oppose Core? ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO! N-O NO! I want BJP to raise the debate on Core. I want them to pass in Lok Sabha and make Congress defend its position in Rajya Sabha. There are 100s of well meaning bloggers who will take the debate to the public. The Indian electorate, though not highly educated, is very perceptive. The people know if there is a major mischief going on. They will understand what is Core and what is IOI. For some reason they refuse to and that makes me mad but they are our only option for survival for the short & long term. So let us hope they have a plan for 2019 and then take action on Core. We will have lost 10 batches of students to RTE & activism in 2019, what's another couple?


  1. Brilliant Buoyed boy! Never knew u cud analyze things like this. True. Shawmodi&co should not lose steam out of this train chugging between issues. All cores need immediate attention & RTE repealing is a must & most urgent too I feel. Well articulated swamin. Dendam samarpikkirEn

  2. I don't know if Modi shah duo would be serious on core in future but seeing the meltdown of libtards especially after UP win, I could sense that they are worried abt the changing vote equations which would make it difficult for their masters to return to power.

  3. Check out this article

  4. Hoping against hope that you are right about doing something about core in 2019


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