Justin Timberlake brought sexy back and NEET brought the 60s back. Brahmin hating is cool again in TN thanks to NEET. The far sighted vision of Thanthai Periyar and the great social justice and wealth redistribution schemes of Dravidam, brought back after 5000 years, had near completely eliminated the much hated Brahmin-Doctor. But NEET allows them to get in through the back door and this must be resisted tooth & nail. This hatred tends to spill over to other Brahmins. Since hatred is a very limited quantity item and mustn't be wasted on the wrong group or community, I have decided to categorize various Brahmins so that your hate is utilized to the fullest extent.

1. Vaidika Brahmins

These Broms simply sit far away from power centres, chant vedas & shlokas and stay under the radar. They're generally dependent on their ancestral properties and some quasi-govt job as professors in Arts colleges that offer Sanskrit courses. Hating these folk is a total waste of your energy. They don't compete for medicine or engineer seats or govt jobs. Even EVR didn't hate these folk.

2. Vadhyar Brahmins

These Broms are ones who do various karmas like ayush homam, gruhapravesam, vivaham, upanayanam, devasam etc. Even though "gold-bracelet wearing pulsar riding" mamas exist, on average they're another fairly harmless group. Even though we're highly rational, we still do some rituals to placate our parents. So hating these Broms can be counterproductive. 

3. Bhattar/Archarkar/Gurukal Brahmins

These are temple priests. People see rich temples like Tirupati or Samayapuram and think these jobs must be social justice warriored but in general barring literally a handful of temples most temples are heavily dependent on donors. It's a hard job standing inside a sanctum with an iffy power connection and nearly no visitors during weekdays and slightly crowded weekends during season. Even if you social justice warriorfy these jobs you are looking at just a handful of power positions. So if you want to expend energy hating these poor folk it's up to you. The better thing is to control these temples through HRCE board which is thankfully far away from Brahmins. All praise to Thanthai Periyar's social justice paradigm.

4. Gumastha Brahmins

General kanakkupullai Brahmins who work in clerical level jobs at banks, post offices, railways and typically women. If you want to hate these silent hardworking mamis then I just pity you.

5. Rationalist Mamas

These mamas aren't strong enough to completely abandon tradition but continue to dis them anyway. Typically get their gyaan from Hindu whilst drinking filter kaapi sitting on an "ease chair". They show quasi-lemur tendencies when non-Tamils get involved thinking Lemurs will accept them. One thing though: If Hindu religion or Tamil language is not involved, these mamas can be very profound or smart. They deserve to be hated.........but only to an extent. If you want to then enjaai jamaai enjamaai.

6. Parpana Paradesis

Teenage brings a lot of problems. Hormonal changes, mood swings, horniness, pimples, acne etc etc. Teenage also brings another disease: SJWism. Generally as one ages all those problems go away with maturity but for these Brahmins the SJWism continues to stay in them till their 30s & 40s. 
  • They will use what they call "privilege" to get ahead in life but they will also "accept they used privilege" to do so hence they are better than other Broms because no hypocrisy duh!
  • They think of eating meat & marrying outside caste as some revolutionary thing when things like that have been happening for 1000s of years. 
  • They will write blogposts on how every ritual is a waste of ghee, milk etc whilst sipping 250 roobees Starbucks dishwater called some Cafepunakku Latte without a hint of irony. 
  • They'll cry & cry in a circle jerk of their own about stopping rituals but will never have a registered marriage. A vaidika brahmana may not do ayushhomam for his 1st born due to poverty but these hypocrites will never fail to do it for their first born.
  • They will buy 2 3BHK houses with centralized AC but god-forbid a vadhyar should buy a small Maruti 800 car. 
  • Paying 700 roobees for Pizza or 600 roobees for 50 ml beer at Bikes n Barrels is money well-spent but 5000 roobees for annual devasam is very costly & these scheming Brahmins are fleecing them.
  • They will cry for hours together for 4.1% raise instead of a 4.11% raise but will write angry blogposts that a privileged bracelet pulsar vadhyar mama is asking for ₹100 extra. 
  • They have this deep-seated need to be loved by their haters so they start hating their own thinking the haters will love them.

In my not so humble opinion these brahmins must be hated without mercy. Even if you are a Lemur, don't you agree that this category alone deserves all your hate instead of the others?

So there you go. Broad category of Brahmins to hate. Divide & categorize your hate among the groups in the right doses. Remember: A hate once hated cannot be re-hated to the same degree. Happy Hating!

P.S: Parpana Paradesi is not my coinage. I first saw @hawkeyeview use it. So that credit should go to him.


  1. Take a bow for clarifying these tidbits to haters so that energy is just not wasted for the wrong things

  2. Simply outstanding insights ! However as we all know the pardesis will escape the wrath as there is little to differentiate them from lemurs except their fair skin and perhaps accent and the poor vadiyaars will bear the brunt of the Dravidanadu nonsense version 21st century !


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