akṣaya tritiya was day 21 of Project Six Pack Ambi: The Reboot. The internet told me that it takes 21 consecutive days to make something a habit. I can't say if it's right or wrong because I broke the sequence after 15 days due to India's loss versus New Zealand in the hockey semifinals of the Commonwealth Games. I can take losses to Australia, Germany, Netherlands, hell even Belgium & Argentina but India should be comfortably beating every other side in the world. It broke a sequence of back to back finals appearances by the Men in Blue at the Commonwealth Games Hockey.

This result coupled with an utterly pathetic show, albeit by a B-team, at the Sultan Azlan Shah trophy in Malaysia has resulted in me scaling down my (sky-high) expectations of our men in the World Cup later in the year in Bhubaneshwar. It hasn't prevented me from buying tickets for all 4 quarterfinals matches and I will buy the tickets for the semis and the finals once they are made available for purchase. Gots to support the team regardless of how they perform. 

But I digress. The single day break wrecked havoc in my steady progression of jogging time. On the next couple of days I couldn't run after approximately 11 minutes. The day after that my feet were swollen and I didn't wanna risk running with them. In the 15 days I had lost nearly 5 kilos. Maybe I was going too fast. So I reduced the running time to 20 minutes instead of 30. The day after the 2nd "off" day, I just couldn't run beyond 17 minutes. Day before yesterday I managed to run the whole targeted time and yesterday my best friend & worst enemy, Mr. Indolence, struck again. Dunno how awful it's going to be to run tonight. 

On Wednesday night, I went out for dinner with a few friends and did a full meals Gujarati ishtayil. Yesterday my amma made Rajma, which is the high point of North Indian cuisine, and I did a full kattu of that. The heavy eating cosmic energy coupled with the only 2 days running atomic energy increased my weight by 1.5 kilos with the program of Java. All the work of the previous 3 weeks undone by 2 days of gastroenterological temptation and melancholic torpidity. Moral of the story: NEVER EVER EVER TAKE A FRIGGIN' BREAK!!!

But like Stanimal's tattoo says "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.", I shan't give up. I will try harder and fail better. The World Cup is still 8 months away. I will be ripped and ready for it and the other utsavams along the way. 

Keep Calm & Chum Jetze 🤘!!!!


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